About Us

We are a company of dogs, all types of dogs, including me, Eli. We love our lives and our company, as well as helping dog owners take care of us.

Our Goal
To make sure there are Pet Waste Stations filled with high quality bags all over the country so pet owners won’t have to scramble to find a bag when we make a mess. You see, we can’t always control where we go and we know our owners get in a very bad mood if they forget their bags or have bags that break. So our mission is to never let that happen.

How Do We Do It
Having been around a lot of dog poop and inadequate bags, we did research to find the perfect bag and stations so our owners would be happy, because if they are happy we are happy. Of course, we also wanted to find bags and stations at the best price – we figured the better the price the happier everyone will be.

Well, we found all of the above and more.

Check Us Out
We have put together a wide selection of high-quality Pet Waste Systems that include Dog Waste Bag Dispenser Boxes, Pet Waste Stations, Trash Cans, and Dog Waste Bags at the lowest prices around.

Our stations are so good that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on every one of them. Not only that, but we make sure you are getting the best value with our LOWEST Price Guarantee. We will beat any price of any competitor by 10%, but that will be hard to find!

Because our products are so good, our Pet Waste Eliminator™ Systems have been used to effectively remove pet waste for city parks, doggie day cares, property management communities, pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, veterinarian offices, mobile home parks, dog groomers, gated communities, Municipalities and more. Together we have kept green areas free of unsightly, unsanitary dog poop by supplying dog owners with a responsible way to easily dispose of dog waste.

You also can’t beat our service. All orders placed by 4pm CST ship the SAME business day you order. We call that Canine Quick.

If you need help with your decision, our professional Customer Service Dog Lovers will help and advise you throughout your purchase, right through to delivery and installation.

Thanks for considering us,