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America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day

October 29, 2019

Celebrate “America Recycles Day” this and every Nov. 15 by reevaluating your parks recycling program and finding smart ways to reduce your overall carbon footprint while increasing buy-in from park visitors.

A great place to start is by creating a waste reduction plan. Having pre-established policies sets clear expectations of items, products and materials allowed to be used in the park. You can also ask vendors to use recycled and recyclable materials during events; one example is a park banning food vendors from serving food in single-use plastic containers in an effort to reduce waste creation.

Here are some other tactics you can use to improve participation in your recycling program:

  1. Train staff and volunteers on your recycling plan and the locations of all recycling bins
  2. Place recycling bins in high traffic areas such as entrances, near restrooms, picnic tables, etc
  3. Clearly label your recycling bins to eliminate confusion for visitors
  4. Select recycling bins that have a different appearance than garbage bins
  5. Post signs throughout the park indicating where recycling bins are located