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Pack Your Park with Visitors Year-Round

Pack Your Park with Visitors Year-Round

June 6, 2019

The spring and summer are favorite times to head outdoors for fun and recreation, but how do you generate consistent traffic throughout the rest of the year?

The solution is to provide a diverse list of programs not dependent on warm climates and make full use of any indoor facilities. Here are 10 suggestions for fun, low-cost activities to implement at your park.

  1. Birthday parties. Advertise your park as the go-to location for children’s birthday parties. Make your indoor rooms available during inclement weather and emphasize all the benefits available.
  2. Book club. Book clubs bring people together over a shared interest and can be hosted indoors or outdoors. This type of activity is usually held monthly, so visitors will come back regularly.
  3. Children’s story time. Families with young children value this type of programming for the educational and social value they provide to the community.
  4. Continuing ed-classes (ESL, sewing, technology, cooking, art classes) Continuing education classes and workshops are popular among all age groups and demographics of individuals looking to pick up a new hobby or improve certain skills. During colder months you can host classes indoors. Invite a local expert to teach the class and provide access to a meeting room. The instructor will provide the necessary equipment and even help to promote the classes.
  5. CPR training. Year-round programming that provides true value to the community. You can schedule them for the general public, local businesses or even families.
  6. Farmers market. Invite your local farmers and makers to the park to sell their produce and complimentary items. This is a family friendly, low-cost event that fosters community engagement. Its also an opportunity for people to become familiar with the park and learn about the classes, workshops and other upcoming events.
  7. Food truck festival. This is an event that can be held year-round and will attract a diverse audience. When considering this type of event, proper permits and insurance are key. Have a variety of foods available and family friendly activities or music to entertain the crowd.
  8. Meditation and wellness programming. Wellness and self-care are areas that have grown in prominence over the past few years as people are searching for ways to find peace and optimize their health. Examples of wellness programming includes, yoga, guided meditation, nutrition classes and preventative health screenings.
  9. Movies in the park. While this type of activity is not only reserved for spring and summer; dictating this as a year-round activity is highly dependent on location. You can host different movie showings on the lawn and sell refreshments or bring in food trucks or other vendors for the evening. You can have themed movie nights, movie date nights etc. Tailor it to meet the needs of your audience.
  10. Workout classes. There are numerous popular workout plans to choose from such as boot camps, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and silver sneakers, which caters to active seniors. Choose one or rotate among several options to maintain diversity.