How to Prep Your Parks for Spring

How to Prep Your Parks for Spring

How to Prep Your Parks for Spring

Area families are likely counting the days until the weather is warm enough to “come out and play.” Make it worth their while by maintaining a safe, clean and inviting park or recreation center for them to enjoy.


Routine upkeep. Power wash the building’s exterior and have a professional wash the windows. It’s also a good idea to have the HVAC systems inspected before running the A/C unit for the first time each year. This is a good time to inspect the smoke alarms and fire extinguishers as well, and check your pet waste stations for bags and refill if needed.


Prepare your pool for opening. Schedule the inspection and necessary maintenance well before the Memorial Day holiday, which is when most pools open for the summer. Check with the Department of State Health Services in your state for updated ordinances to ensure compliance. Also, inspect the locking mechanisms on all fences and gates surrounding the pool and ensure pool signs are posted in a prominent location.


Do you have a splash pad? Splash pads and other water play areas should be serviced by a professional before opening for the season. Have the filters checked and cleaned and the chemicals balanced. If the water feature was winterized, this process should also be reversed.


Check outdoor irrigation systems for damage from freezes. Hard freezes can cause pipes to burst, so inspect the outdoor plumbing before using for the first time in the spring.


Inspect the sidewalks, parking lots, stairways, and walkways for damage. Publicly used outdoor walkways should be inspected by maintenance for cracks and breaks that can pose a potential safety hazard to park goers.


Update landscaping. Clean out leaves and debris, trim the trees as needed, and plant seasonal ground cover.


Have playground equipment inspected and maintained as needed. Harsh weather can cause damage to outdoor equipment, so verify everything is in working order before families come out for the spring.


Following these steps will help visitors feel safe and comfortable in the park and with any hope, they will come back soon and often.


Bonus Tip: Have your upcoming schedule of events available online and posted prominently for visitors to see on-site. A recent survey conducted by the National Recreation and Park Association found that parks utilizing banners, signs, and posters to advertise programming attract 62 percent more users than those without them.

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