Spruce Up Your Dog Park on a Budget

Spruce Up Your Dog Park on a Budget

Spruce Up Your Dog Park on a Budget

Spring is quickly rolling back around; and as the weather becomes more comfortable your parks will see an influx in visitors. Make sure your dog parks are in peak condition for the coming months with a little help from your friends at Pet Waste Eliminator.

Update your pet waste stations this year and worry less about refills with the Superior Pet Waste Eliminator Station. Each station comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, holds 1200 header bags and provides a universal fit to hold both header bags, and bags on a roll. Select from black and green and the sign options both with and without a fine.

Add some agility equipment to your dog park and really get those pups moving with the Single Hoop Jump. It is ideal for dogs of all sizes and is available in blue and green with an option for in-ground or surface mounting.

Dogs love our Budget Fire Hydrant; actually, it is a best-seller among our dog park products. The bright red color is an instant attention getter, plus it is lightweight at only 11 pounds, and is made with urine-resistant and fade proof materials for a truly long-lasting product.

No dog park is complete without adding some flair. The Dog Park Photo Booth will be a huge draw for park visitors and can also be used as a marketing tool. The photo booth is available in red or green and includes an in-ground mounting kit for easy installation.

Top it off with Dog Park Fence Art for that final decorative touch. This is a fun and budget-friendly way to easily set your dog park apart for the others. Fence art comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation, and includes a 10-Year Guarantee!!!


  1. Plastic Pet Waste Eliminator Station
    Plastic Pet Waste Eliminator Station
    Budget Station!
    As low as $129.00 each
  2. Green - $75.00 to $500.00 Fine with Header Bags
    Large Park Pet Waste Bundles
    4 Stations - 6000 Bags!
    As low as $1,079.00 each
  3. 200 Bags on a roll per box.
    Pet Waste Eliminator Bags on Rolls
    Partially made with Recycled Materials
    As Low As $0.02 each As low as $0.02 each
  4. Individual pull bags on Header Cards deter theft.
    Pet Waste Eliminator Bags on Header Cards
    Highest quality bags available!
    As Low As $0.02 each As low as $0.02 each

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