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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

April 26, 2019

Pool season is in full swing, so take these steps to keep your park visitors safe this summer:

  1. Remove toys and floats from pool immediately after use; they can attract children.
  2. Always assign a designated watcher for children in and around the pool.
  3. Make sure there is a self-closing gate around your pool, and always keep it maintained.
  4. Gates and fences around the pool area should be at least 4 feet high.
  5. All pools should have regulation drain covers; discuss local regulations with your pool maintenance provider.
  6. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit and rescue equipment near your pool area.
  7. Never swim alone.
  8. Learn to perform CPR on both adults and children.
  9. Post pool signs in prominent locations and make sure they are easily seen and read.
  10. Inspect pool areas for slipping hazards and install safety tape as a precaution.
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