Top Solutions to Excessive Pet Waste

Top Solutions to Excessive Pet Waste

The old saying “build it and they will come” no longer applies. How often do you see dog waste in the park even though there are “enough” pet waste stations to go around? A marketing principle known as “the rule of seven” dictates that most people need to be exposed to your messages seven times before they act. With that in mind, consider how you use pet waste stations and signage in your park; convenience and saturation are the keys to compliance.

Have a clear and well-documented pet waste policy. Post pet waste stations and signs throughout the park that list the fines for failing to pick up dog waste as a reminder to visitors of their legal responsibility.

Add a pet waste station inside of your dog park for convenience, and depending on the size of your park, more than one may be necessary. Also, keep your pet waste stations fully stocked in anticipation of families and their pets.

Despite their best intentions, pet owners often forget to bring pet waste bags or fail to bring enough. Join our Discount Pet Waste Bag Refill Program to ensure you never run out of bags. Determine the frequency and volume you need and never worry about pet waste bags again.


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