Pet Waste Signs

Pet Waste Signs
Pet waste signs are a must for every park, trail, and dog park. Check out ... Read Moreour large selection of dog waste signs including classic "Pet Waste Cleanup" signs, "No Dog" signs, and "Pick up your Dog Poop" signs or try something a little more fun with our funny dog poop signs. Don't see the pet sign you need? Custom dog poop signs are available. All aluminum dog signs come with a 5-year guarantee!
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  1. Keep Trails Clean Sign
    Keep Trails Clean!
  2. Please Pick Up Sign
    Post a courteous message!
  3. Dog Park Sign - Park Rules - Die-cut Bone
    Die-cut dog bone rules!
  4. Custom Aluminum Sign
    YOUR Message YOUR Design!
  5. Pet Waste Sign - "Protect Dog's Paws" Sign
    Protect Dog's Paws!
  6. Dog Park Sign - Welcome - Die-cut Bone
    Die-cut dog bone sign!
  7. Steel Sign Post - 8 Foot
    Rust resistant finish!
  8. Dog Park Welcome Sign - Standard
    Dog Park Must-Have!
  9. Dog Waste Sponsorship Sign
    FREE Add-on Sponsorship Sign
  10. No Dogs Allowed Sign - Black, White, Red
    Remind dog owners of the rules!
  11. Steel Sign Post - 7 Foot
    Rust resistant finish!
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39 items

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the pet signs come with pre-drilled holes?

Answer: Yes, all aluminum pet waste signs come pre-drilled with holes for quick and easy installation. No matter the aluminum sign you choose, whether it is a "Dog Park Rules" Sign or our best-selling "Pet Waste Transmits Disease" Sign, all our heavy-duty aluminum dog signs can be easily attached to a fence or post.