— Why Pet Waste Eliminator is a Bark Above the Rest —

Pet Waste Eliminator Starter Station

Did you know that there are over fifty-three million dogs in the United States?! Some of them do big jobs like guarding homes, helping those with physical limitations, and even working with law enforcement. Other dogs don't work quite so hard, but are just as important to the families who love them. The down side? All those dogs generate a lot of waste – over ten million tons a year by some estimates! Because all that waste has to go somewhere, finding just the right dog waste collection station is pretty important. However, how do you choose? Dog lovers all over America can attest that Pet Waste Eliminator is a bark above the rest!

It should go without saying that Pet Waste Eliminator offers great quality items like Starter stations that let you choose the color, a wide selection of signs, and bags that are thirty percent thicker than ordinary bags. To make things as easy as possible for you, they've taken the liberty of putting together several handy kits to get you started with setting up a pet waste collection station. No matter what your needs, they've got a product that will fit your space and keep your community clean. Pet Waste Eliminator even offers easy setup instructions at their website. No guess work involved! When you shop with Pet Waste Eliminator, you can rest easy. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all kits, saving you money and worry.

Maybe you're worried that you won't remember to order new bags. Running out of bags at your pet waste collection station can be a nightmare, and lead to catastrophe. When you shop with Pet Waste Eliminator, you can enroll in the Discount Refill Program. Bag refills will be sent to you automatically on a schedule of your choosing. You can even get free shipping when you enroll. Maybe the question shouldn't be: Why is Pet Waste Eliminator a bark above the rest? Maybe the question should be: Why would you go anywhere else?