Pet Waste Eliminator Bags on Header Cards

Earth friendly pet waste bags!
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  • All dog waste bags are partially made with Recycled Material!
  • FEWER REFILLS! - 1200 Bags fit in a station.
  • Ships today!
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10 $40.00
25 $80.00 20%
100 $280.00 30%
250 $600.00 40%
1250 $2,000.00 60%

Pet Waste Eliminator bags are eco-friendly, extra strong, and twice as thick as the competitors'. Poop bags won't split or tear and provide superior leakage control. No longer will pet owners double bag to scoop up the mess, which will save you time refilling stations and money purchasing bags. Plus, with header bags that dispense one at a time, dog owners take only what they need. Pet bags are in stock and ship today only from Pet Waste Eliminator.

Save over 250 Maintenance Hours every year by having Dog Walkers cleanup after their own pets!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pet waste bags are per header? Per case?

Answer: Each header card has 80 pet bags so please see the following for bags per case:

Quantity of Headers: Bags per Header: Total Bags in Case:
10 80 bags 800 bags
25 80 bags 2000 bags
100 80 bags 8000 bags
250 80 bags 20,000 bags
1250 80 bags 100,000 bags


Why should I order dog waste bags from you?

Answer: Our Pet Waste Eliminator dog waste bags are guaranteed lowest price. All dog bags are made from partially recycled material and ship today. Instead of worrying about composting or figuring out a way to make sure the bags don’t go to a landfill, we do all the hard work in the beginning by making our pet bags from recycled materials. Get your environmentally friendly pet waste bags shipped for FREE when you sign up for our exclusive Refill Program!

Are your poop bags biodegradable?

Answer: While our header poop bags are not biodegradable, they are environmentally friendly. After research, we found people were not disposing of the bags in a biodegradable way, so we decided to create our own “green” waste bag. All our dog poop bags on a header are made from recycled material which means we are cutting down on plastic waste from the start. We do the work in the beginning, so you don’t have to at the end.