Maintaining a Park Area: Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags and More

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans use between one-hundred billion and one trillion plastic trash bags every year. They also report that only six percent of these are recycled, with the rest sitting around in landfills ad infinitum. All that plastic is full of chemicals and is indigestible by animals and by the earth. That's bad for the planet, and for everything that lives on it – which includes you and your pets. With that in mind, biodegradable dog waste bags make a lot of sense.Budget Pet Waste Eliminator Station

Pet waste collection stations should be found in every dog park, every condo or apartment complex that allows dogs, or really any place that dogs and their companions frequent. Dog waste is collected in small bags by humans, and then put in larger receptacle bags, so switching to earth-friendly bags can make a huge difference. Keeping biodegradable dog waste bags on hand is a great way to encourage waste pickup by pet owners. It's estimated that an average apartment complex can use between three-hundred and eight-hundred bags every month. Stocking your dispensers with biodegradable dog waste bags is a proactive, cost-effective way to go green – doing your part for the cleanliness of your community and for the whole planet!

It's easy to set up a dog waste collection area anywhere. Simply purchase one of any number of starter kits. These can include poles, or they can attach to an existing building, bench, or even a tree. Insist on a lifetime warranty to keep costs down and confidence up. Bag dispensers are cost effective, and are available in sizes large enough to allow for less frequent restocking. If you already have a collection area set up, it's easy to find biodegradable dog waste bag refills that will fit any dispenser. Your supplier should be happy to help you with this. Going green doesn't have to be a hassle; it's as simple as placing an order!