Trash Can Liners for 10 Gallon Plastic Receptacles

Helps control mess and odors!
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Only $0.34 liner
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  • Fits our 10 Gallon Plastic Receptacles.
  • A Dog Waste Station necessity!

Only $0.34 each

Our 10-gallon trash can liners have a very thick and tear resistant material that keep the mess in the bag and off the property. They are a perfect match for our Plastic Receptacle (E12GRE). Makes cleaning up a breeze with these durable liners. Keep your property clean while saving money!.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LDPE a good material for trash can liners?

Answer: This is the most popular material to make plastic trash liners and other plastic bags. LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene is a durable and tear-resistant plastic that will stretch but not break when filled. Each side of our trash bag liner is 1.18 mils thick for a total thickness of 2.36 mils. Since we specially design our trash bags to fit our trash receptacles, we recommend using it with our 10 Gallon Plastic Trash Receptacle.