Are you using every fundraising tool at your disposal?

Are you using every fundraising tool at your disposal?

Are you using every fundraising tool at your disposal?

You are probably checking all the boxes when it comes to maintaining your fundraising efforts, but have you tried any out of the box tactics? Considering the current digital landscape, it’s never been easier to reach or create an audience for your cause or organization.

Enter AmazonSmile, a shopping website with the same products and functionality of Amazon. It is operated by the AmazonSmile Foundation, a 501 (c)(3), and functions to facilitate transactions made to support eligible charitable organizations.

When customers make purchases through Amazon Smile, 0.5 percent of the price from eligible purchases is donated to the charitable organization chosen by the customer.


AmazonSmile can be used by not for profit organizations to assist in fundraising efforts or campaigns.


Register here with your EIN and follow the prompts to set up an account. Once registration is complete and the account is active, instruct your supporters to visit and select your organization as the charity they wish to support. Going forward, their Amazon Smile purchases will be attributed to your organization, and 0.5 percent of transactions are donated to the organization quarterly.


SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Now that you have registered your park on AmazonSmile, share your shopping link everywhere. Add it to your social media profile, include it in your newsletters, include it in your program booklets, include it in your email signature, and share it within your networks. There is also a banner on the AmazonSmile website that you can download and add to your website for all visitors to see.

This will likely not be your most lucrative method of fundraising due to the percentage received from purchases, however, when used consistently and in conjunction with other fundraising tactics AmazonSmile can become a useful tool for your park.

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