Pet Waste Eliminator: Your Go-To Supplier

Pet Waste Eliminator: Your Go-To Supplier

Pet Waste Eliminator: Your Go-To Supplier

We all love our dogs. In fact, thirty-six percent of American households have at least one dog as a pet. Dogs have earned our love and affection with their loyalty, playfulness, companionship, and for all the work that they do. Even today, dogs are seen herding sheep, guarding farms, sniffing out contraband, and acting as service dogs for lots of different people in need. Police, firefighters, and soldiers also utilize dogs in myriad ways in US cities, on farms, and on duty all over the world. Whether they are workers, companions, mascots, or family pets, dogs can be found pretty much everywhere there are people. However, as much as we love our dogs, we do not love their waste. Left uncollected, dog waste can pose some serious health hazards. That's one of the reasons Pet Waste Eliminator is a name you should know.Pet Waste Eliminator Basic Station

We've probably all had, at one time or another, an inconsiderate neighbor who doesn’t clean up after his or her dog. It's great fertilizer – they may say to excuse their laziness – it's good for your lawn. The assertion that dog poop is the same as lawn fertilizer isn't just untrue – it's dangerously false. Dog feces are far too acidic to be good for lawns; in fact, they are more likely to cause burns and browning on your grass, as well as kill off helpful insects.

Dog waste isn't just poor fertilizer. It is filthy, unsanitary, and is a leading carrier of some truly nasty bacteria – like salmonella, fecal coliform, and E coli to name a few. That means even a small amount of skin or mucus membrane contact with dog feces can cause intestinal distress, kidney damage, diarrhea, or even blindness. Dog feces can also carry tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and heartworms. These are dangerous not only to pets, but to anyone who walks barefoot on a contaminated lawn. Even after dog waste appears to crumble and dissolve into the lawn itself, parasite eggs stay alive and viable for years afterwards and may require chemical treatments to neutralize completely. Wouldn't it be so much easier to simply dispose of dog poop properly using products from Pet Waste Eliminator?

Pet Waste Eliminator is an online supplier of pet waste removal products supplied to dog parks, apartment complexes, shelters, dog training facilities, and around neighborhoods that have a high concentration of pet dogs. These include products to collect and hold dog waste until it can be disposed of properly, as well as appropriate signage and sign postsrefill supplies, starter kits, and everything else you need to encourage responsible dog waste disposal in your community.

Since there are different companies that supply these products, you may be wondering what's so special about Pet Waste Eliminator. For starters, this is what they specialize in. You can count on Pet Waste Eliminator to have the biggest selection of high-quality products that are available at competitive prices. Expect an assortment of colors, sizes, and motifs to suit the particular needs of your community or facility. Look for starter kits that offer everything you need to set up a dog waste pickup station – and know that your kit is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. The professionals at Pet Waste Eliminator know which products are most likely to encourage compliance, and how often refills will be needed – taking the guesswork out of the equation and simplifying the process for you. After all, who wants to spend a lot of time contemplating dog poop?

It may be true that some walk-in stores will offer dog waste receptacle products and refill liners. They may even offer them at nearly competitive prices. However, Pet Waste Eliminator goes one step further, allowing their customers to set up automatic shipments of refill items like tear-resistant pickup bags and can liners. When you need replacement placards, signage, or other replacement products, Pet Waste Eliminator can send those along as well. Better still – you never pay shipping charges on refill orders! Maybe the question isn't why use Pet Waste Eliminator as your supplier, but rather – Why would you ever use any one else?

  1. Plastic Pet Waste Eliminator Station
    Plastic Pet Waste Eliminator Station
    Budget Station!
    As low as $129.00 each
  2. Guaranteed for Life!
    Superior Metal Pet Waste Eliminator Station
    Best selling Disposal System!
    As low as $149.00 each
  3. 200 Bags on a roll per box.
    Pet Waste Eliminator Bags on Rolls
    Partially made with Recycled Materials
    As Low As $0.02 each As low as $0.02 each
  4. Individual pull bags on Header Cards deter theft.
    Pet Waste Eliminator Bags on Header Cards
    Highest quality bags available!
    As Low As $0.02 each As low as $0.02 each

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