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HOW TO: Increase Sponsorships at Your Park

HOW TO: Increase Sponsorships at Your Park

December 12, 2019

Operating a public park is an expensive undertaking for those who rely on grants, sponsorships, in-kind donations and city or federal funding to operate. It’s important to seize every fundraising and sponsorship opportunity regardless of the size, as several small donations can make a large difference over time.

Pet Waste Eliminator provides an opportunity for organizations or individual supporters to contribute in a meaningful way by sponsoring a pet waste station. Pet waste is a major concern of public facilities, as its currently estimated that approximately half of American households have at least one pet.

When speaking with potential sponsors present the Pet Waste Sponsorship Station as a valid method of contributing to your park. It provides an accessible entry point for supporters who want to become sponsors. This option is ideal for boy/girl scout projects or individuals in memory of their pet. Also consider presenting this option to HOAs or civic groups that want to contribute in a smaller capacity.

The process is quick and simple; your supporters purchase the Pet Waste Sponsorship Station for your park to offset the cost of your pet waste program, and as a thank you, they can customize the placard that sits atop of the station by choosing a name to display as the sponsor.

Sponsoring a pet waste station only takes moments but leaves a large imprint by contributing to the safety and cleanliness of the park for years to come. For more information on the Pet Waste Station Sponsorship Program call 1-800-790-8896 to speak with a Customer Service representative.