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Keep Park Visitors Safe with NEW Bandit Flags

Keep Park Visitors Safe with NEW Bandit Flags

June 2, 2020

Parks have become a safe-haven for people looking for a place to exercise, relax or simply enjoy a change of scenery. As we transition into summer, prepare to take extra precautions to remind your visitors of social distancing regulations and best-practices. Add the exclusive “pet waste bandit signs” from Pet Waste Eliminator throughout your park as a constant reminder.

Quickly remind visitors to remain at least 6 feet away from other visitors and not visit the park if they experience COVID-19 related symptoms.

Remind visitors to pick up after their dogs and maintain good personal hygiene during the outbreak of COVID-19.


  • Each bandit sign is made of heavy-duty coroplast material
  • Messages printed on both sides
  • Follows current CDC recommendations
  • 24’ w x 18’ h