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Stock Your Parks With the Most Needed COVID-19 Supplies

Stock Your Parks With the Most Needed COVID-19 Supplies

April 23, 2020

Public parks have been an invaluable outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as communities around the nation prepare to reopen, this surge in traffic will likely continue. Parks will continue to see an influx of people exercising, socializing and enjoying the weather since social distancing is the new normal. Make sure your park is prepared to safely welcome visitors in the coming weeks.

  1. Stock up on pet waste bags. Don’t be caught off guard by crowded dog parks. Keep an ample supply of pet waste bags and use signage to remind park visitors to pick up after their pets. Join the Pet Waste Eliminator “Discount Pet Waste Bag Refill Program” to receive scheduled deliveries of pet waste bags and never run out again.
  2. Remind visitors of social distancing guidelines. Parks can quickly become crowded as people are anxious to spend time outdoors. Hang signs throughout the park reminding them to maintain a safe 6-foot distance between themselves and others.
  3. Reinforce health and hygiene standards. It is human nature to relax and unwind during a visit to the park, so use signage to remind visitors and staff to follow best practices for health. The “COVID-19 Preventative Measures” sign is a useful reminder to remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to remain healthy. Your park visitors will appreciate the extra effort made to keep their local parks safe and running smooth.