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Easy Tips to Assemble Your Pet Waste Station

Easy Tips to Assemble Your Pet Waste Station

July 1, 2020

Now that you’ve purchased your pet waste stations and stocked up on refill bags, let’s get those stations assembled and put to work. Your station can be ready to use can in minutes, as everything you need for assembly is included (your steel post will ship separately). All you need are a few tools to get started…

Tools you need:

  1. Level
  2. Post hole driver
  3. Socket driver or adjustable wrench

Added benefits of your new pet waste station:

  1. Your pet waste stations come with a lifetime guarantee.
  2. Metal pet waste stations feature universal fit and can hold bags on a header or on a roll.
  3. Your pet waste station is ready to ship TODAY!
  4. You can find downloadable instructions for our best-selling stations here and here.

For a visual step by step HOW TO, watch this YouTube video.